Evil evil Norther Brewer promos - Steelhead pump impulse buy!

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Feb 24, 2013
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New Brighton
Well, they did it again. I had been contemplating adding a pump to my BIAB setup. I don't really know why, cause I like the simplicity, but I'm sure many of you can sympathize with the desire to add more gear! I had more or less talked myself out of it, when the guys at NB sent me a 20% off your order promo! Damn.

Well, the pump should be here next week some time. I'm looking for some advice on what projects are worth it to take on. My current setup involves a pretty conventional propane BIAB, 6 gallon batches in a 10 gallon megapot. I do have a method of holding mash temp using an electric hot plate and an stc-1000. I transfer the kettle to the hot plate for the mash, then back to my propane burner for the boil.

The opportunities as I see it:
1. Create a whirlpool for chilling utilizing my immersion chiller.
2. Create a re circulation in my mash to minimize stratification. (I currently have to stir during heating cycles to make sure it doesn't overshoot)
3. Upgrade to a full RIMS heating element for the mash.

The whirlpool is a given, but what are your opinions on creating a recirculating mash?