Eucalyptus Honey with Bee Pollen

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Caspar Meredith

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Jun 23, 2024
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Hey Folks.
So a while ago a friend of mine and I acquired a vast amount of Bee Power eucalyptus honey with bee pollen and I've been trying to figure out what to do with it for a while.
It's very dark and tastes more like jam than honey with a really fruity molasses smell and taste.
So far I've made one attempt to try fermenting it into somthing drinkable. I fermented it on its own for 6 weeks with some brewers yeast ad the result wasn't horrible, not great, but drinkable. I was quite impressed considering it was my first brew ever, not counting a failed attempt at cider a few years ago.
Can anyone think of ant ways I could make a better tasting drink out of this? It's always going to tast quite distinctive because of the nature of the honey but I think it could taste better.
My next idea was to try again using a proper brewing yeast, I've got some EC1118 I bought to brew some elderflower so I thought I might try using that.
Sorry for the long post and hope you are all well 🙏
You could try a bochet, this is mead with some or all of the honey caramelized. I noticed you didn't mention yeast nutrients, honey is very low in nitrogen which is an important nutrient for yeast so if you don't have nutrients you should get some, it will give you a faster cleaner ferment. Ageing mead helps a lot especially with dark honeys, something drinkable now will probably be good in a year or two.