Essential Oils v. Cold-Brew v. Dried Mint

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Daniel Kitchen

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Nov 26, 2017
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Hello all, first time posting. For the first time in a year plus, I haven't been able to find a definitive answer online.

I'm working on a holiday Wit, that I was hoping to turn into a candy cane/peppermint beer. I got to just under 5 gallons, and added in 2 quarts of cold-brewed peppermint tea as the airlock slowed down.

I'm now looking to bottle within the next 24 hours, and while the flavor is there from the tea, you really have to look for it. That's where my question comes up: what would be the best way to get that extra little bit of peppermint flavor in? I would prefer not to add any more cold-brewed tea, given that that would put me over 5 gallons and throw off by FG, unless it was a super concentrated pint or something.
I have some dried peppermint, which I was strongly urged not to use because the flavor effect would be minimal. I also have a vial of peppermint oil, which would seem to be the top option, except it would mess with head retention.

So, what would be the best option? I'm leaning towards adding some drops of oil and hoping the head is ok in a few weeks, but wanted some additional input before I did anything. First batch of beer I've considered using them.
The oil would definitely give you the most peppermint but it’s going to kill your head retention. But it’s the only sure bet for flavor.

Next time pull some of your mashed out set it aside in the fridge or freezer when you’re ready to flavor with 4 cups of the mash that you saved make a pan of it using a colander and put the oil to the top of the grain bed and hopefully the grain bed will absorbable mostly oil‘s and just leave you with the 4 cups of strong flavored wart
My 2c..They might make a brewers best peppermint additive or something like it. An additive made for brewing. You could make a tincture with vodka and leaves and flavor to taste, and or also use some sort of cooking extract.