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Sep 2, 2007
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Covington GA
I just cleaned and organized my equipment cabinet and thought I'd share what I did. I use the upper part of my kitchen pantry for all my stuff but it was an unorganized mess everytime I needed something. Today while getting things out to transfer to the secondary I decided to make some changes. I think this will work out much better.


Heres a shot of my airlock tray, I made it from plexiglass so I could keep it clean



And here it is all closed up and hidden from view. I just finished the cabinet work and still have a few more things to work on in the kitchen including crown molding on the cabinets and ceiling and more painting.


nice job!

I've got to come up with something for my loft. I only have 2 closets in my place, and the one in the living room is doubling as my fermetation closet...and I have all my brewing geer in boxes...not a good system.
That is tin roofing on the doors. It worked out great and it's very unique. The wood is some old Pecan that was hanging around the shop for years. It's got water marks (spalting) all over it. When I planed it down and got the molds, fungus and dirt off it the wood was beautiful. I built the cabinet boxes with some scrap melamine board that I saved from a previous job. My entire kitchen cabinets cost me $400 in materials including the countertops and a cast iron porcelain sink. What you can't see in the picture is an L shaped kitchen with 12' on one wall and 10 on the other. I've still got to tile the backsplash and trim it all out.

I've got so many house projects going on. I wish getting my gear that organized was on the list.

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