Equally Obnoxious Hockey Trash Talk Thread, eh?

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oh, sorry for sending your Eagles to the showers. Boy they were a night and day different team than the one that shellacked us Monday night a few months ago.
Typical Philly style. Do good until it counts. Then choke on it. Hard.

Hope the Eagles are taking one for the team so the Flyers don’t have to fill that roll this season.
Oh the licker. Bruins, always the victims. LOL.

"Do you even hockey, bro'?" 😁

We're at the half-way break and it's the Killer Bees on top :rock:


Bruins don't play again until February 6th! I'm gonna be jonesing way before then :oops:

Rangers announced that Chytil is done for the season after falling and hitting his head on the ice trying to return from a long concussion recovery. The hope is that he can return to hockey next year, but obviously, his health is the greater concern.
Loved his play as he was part of that kid line with Kakko and LaFranier).

So Rangers now have $5.8 million in cap space and need to replace two centers for the second half. The other question is at goalie and what is wrong with Igor. - He's been mid-league numbers all year, and is the worst goalie in saves avg when down by two goals. With their big lead widdled down to just 2pts, time is running out for him to get to playoff form. At least Quick has been playing like his younger version posting a top five GAA. But, I don't know if he's got the legs to make a Cup Run. I think the days of taking risks knowing a great goalie can come up big is behind them and they will need to find a way to handle transition to defense when they are 5 on 5.
Flyers looking good after all star break. Still plenty of season for them to disappoint, but I’m feeling optimistic, which they have given very little reason for the past few seasons. Hoping they stay on track and make the playoffs. Not expecting a lot if they do, but they definitely look better this season than the past 2-3. I think at this point goaltending will be the major issue. Errson looks good, but how long can he stand on his head.
Otoh, my Bruins went into their break leading the league in points but the almost two weeks off did not serve them well. First game back was a total "meh" job vs Calgary, then they shut out the Canucks, then were no-shows vs the Caps. They need to get their poopy together quickly while they still have four more games at home in this stretch...
Yeah I think the Caps are trying to prove something to themselves if not anyone else. Went to OT vs Vancouver today but lost.

But yeah I agree nobody can afford to let too many games slide by this season without major repercussions in the standings. It won’t take many losses to go from the top to not.
Otoh, my Bruins went into their break leading the league in points but the almost two weeks off did not serve them well. First game back was a total "meh" job vs Calgary, then they shut out the Canucks, then were no-shows vs the Caps. They need to get their poopy together quickly while they still have four more games at home in this stretch...

Rangers are in a bad funk. There are way too many defensive lapses, and Igor is giving up easy goals on the high side of the glove hand. Has the NHL discovered his kryptonite? And yet they are eeeking out wins. The Rangers and Bruins are not looking as sure things anymore as the Panthers and Hurricane are making a strong case that they are the teams to beat.

It's a big wildcard race in the East, but none of those teams seem to be emerging as a legitimate playoff threat. Isles seem to play up to a tie and lose it in OT. A point for a tie is useless post-season.

Out West, Vegas, Dallas and Colorado don't worry me. Vancouver and Edmonton on the other hand. .....

Still a lot of hockey left for the Bruins and Rangers to get playoff ready. Rangers have a lot of work to get done by March 8th trade deadline to replenish their lines. I would have expected them to pick up a veteran defenseman or a solid checker, but season-ending injuries have changed their priorities. They did a great job re-building picking up young talent but I think they are between a rock and a hard place with a legitimate chance at the cup but needing to trade some future for proven veterens now to close those gaping defensive holes and injured forwards.
Hard core hockey game tonight between the Boston Bruins and the Florida Panthers had the Bruins down in the first minute, with Florida having only lost one game that they scored first this season, iirc. But the Bruins battled and went ahead in the last minutes of the 3rd period and hung on for the win and the two points to keep them on top of the division standings and one point behind the league leading Rangers...


Screenshot 2024-03-28 at 7.18.35 AM.png

Enjoying it for now. The team is flawed but finding a way to win, especially late in games. I'm hoping the return of the key players and development of Rempe gets them playoff ready. LGR.
On the night my alma mater Denver University Pioneers hockey team won a record setting 10th NCAA National Championship, my Boston Bruins played a respectable nationally televised Game Of The Week against the Pittsburg Penguins, winning 6-4.

Boston probably isn't going to win the Presidents' Trophy this year but as they showed last year that trophy isn't worth bean bag wrt winning the Stanley Cup...

The real season begins. LGR!

@day_trippr , ESPN seems to like the Maple Leafs as the dark horse upset cup winner. They are split on that first round with the Bruins.

In my ideal world , the Rangers breeze past the Caps and then face the Isles in the second round to set up an original six of American teams in the Conference Finals with the Bruins. And finally, a Cup rematch with Vancouver.


BTW, if you never attended a Ranger playoff game at MSG, watch this - John Amiranti (RIP) singing the National Anthems for game 7 1994 - to give you any idea what's it like. (USA anthem at about 2 minutes in).

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After a disappointing Game 2 at home the Bruins went up to Toronto and pulled out a 4-2 win, pretty much on the backs of Brad Marchand and goalie Jeremy Swayman. Really entertaining game because right now these two teams really do not like each other and it shows 😁
I really don’t have much stake in this years playoffs but if Bobrovsky plays like he did last night the Panthers will go far.
Another solid - dare I say dominant - game by Boston, to take the win 3-1 and now lead the series 3-1.
Brad Marchand again was a key player, putting a goal and a superb assist on the board. He's one open-net playoff goal away from setting a league record (he had a couple of billiard shots just miss tonight) that he's currently tied with Gretzky.

Series comes back to Boston on Tuesday. I'll be surprised if it doesn't end there...


Oh, congrats to the Lightning for avoiding being swept out of the playoffs in the first round :rock:
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Bruins win game 7 in OT and avoid the ignomy of blowing yet another First Round 3-1 lead and a Game 7 ejection from the playoffs.

[edit] Been lots of comments about the announcers' prescience...
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Game 1 between the Bruins and the Panthers is in the books with Boston winning 5-1 in a pretty comfortable outing for them.
Very satisfying win especially considering the Bruins had all of one day off while the Panthers have been waiting for a week...


And game 2 of the Bruins / Panthers went just the opposite direction. It started getting chippy in the third, lots of fights getting going.
If the B's want to move on they need to start hitting pucks and not faces.
something like 3 shots in the last 25+ minutes of play, and the Panthers scored 6 times unanswered.
I confess when the score went to 4-1 Florida I switched off the game in favor of some time behind the wheel of my driving sim system. Read about the rest of the last period this morning. Yikes! :oops:

Bruins got a split, so that's something...
Not looking for the Bruins, now down 3-1 and out shot by the Panthers by some crazy number (down 100 shots over 4 games?) Florida is just so strong on offense I don't see the series coming back to Boston after game 5...
Bruins really tested my cardiac health tonight but they (and I) managed to hold on in the end with the Bruins winning Game 5 2-1 in a pretty rugged outing for both teams. And Swayman proved he is still the goalie for this team with a crazy good performance, especially during the 3 minutes at the end when Florida pulled their goalie.

Back to Boston! :rock:
Looks like the Bruins will be hitting the links as they could not stop the Panthers tonight, losing 2-1 in a hard played game to close the series out 4-2.
Good luck to Florida!