Episode 61- Pseudo-Lagers

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Aug 9, 2015
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I have been trying to nail the Kveik pseudo-lager for a while now. It is a process at this point but the idea of doing lagers fast is super appealing to me. So today we talked to Ryan Pachmayer BJCP Judge and beer writer about making the pseudo-lager. From the classic hybrid to fermenting under pressure there are tons of ways brewers are getting lager-like beers without having to do lager temps. Give it a listen!

That's sounds really interesting, I will check it this weekend as I'm planning to brew a märzen in the long term and I don't really fancy doing it the traditional way, basically because I don't have the space for a dedicated fridge and a lager would be taking too much space for too much time

In my experience Kveik has always been pretty neutral, I made a couple brews this summer with it, it's true that all were dark beers but I didn't notice any notes from the yeast.
You should give it a try. I would make sure you check the strain of Kveik. Some will throw some fruity flavors.