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Entire Brew 15g Set Up For Sale - $2800

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Nov 2, 2011
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For Sale - $2800
**local pick up near Akron, OH only**additional pictures upon request**
As sad as I am to say it, with my lack of time and decreased passion to brew, I’ve made the decision to sell all off my home brewery. I literally have everything you would need or want to start one badass home brewing setup, from the brew rig, top of the line fermention equipment, to bottling, kegging, and dispensing. It’s all going!
**As of now, I am only looking to bundle everything in one package.**

Brewing Equipment:
- Professionally welded single tier brew rig on casters
Three 23 tip Natural Gas Jet Burners (two choked down a few tips for efficiency)
HLT has measured Sight Glass and stainless ball valve w/ quick connect, analog thermometer
MLT has molded false bottom, stainless ball valve w/ quick connect, recirculation/sparge port, analog thermometer
BK has molded false bottom, stainless ball valve w/ quick connect, measured sight glass, recirculation/whirlpooling port, analog thermometerMounted
toggle switch powered March 809 pump
Mounted Duda Diesel 20 plate chiller
Copper lines & thermos plastic tubing
- Blichmann Hop Rocket (hopback or in-line randall)- Refractometer (Brix)Fermentation

- SS Brewtech 14 gallong stainless conical fermenter
Built in digital thermometer (needs battery)
Temperature stabilization system w/ neoprene jacket
Pressurized transfer kit
- 7.9 Gallon FastFerment Plastic Conicals (x2)
One wall mount
One floor stand
Analog thermometer for thermowell insert
Extra collection ball
- 5 Gallon fermentation/brew buckets (x4)
- Stir Starter Stir Plate

Kegging/Dispensing Equipment:
- 4 used ball lock 5 gallon corny kegs
- Chest Freezer with Johnson Control thermostat
- 4 faucet draft tower with Intertap faucets
- 20lb CO2 tank with regulator
- 6 way CO2 distributor
- Blichmann Beer Gun
- 48 Bottle drying tree
- Pump bottle rinser
- Canister filter with reusable 1 micron filter
- Plate filter kit

**local pick up near Akron, OH only**additional pictures upon request**
Brew Rig.jpg