Kentucky Entire All Grain Homebrewing Setup For Sale

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Nov 26, 2012
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PICKUP ONLY! NO SHIPPING! Items located in Louisville, KY.

Entire all grain homebrew setup! Everything you need to brew and bottle immediately! Over $1,100 total in equipment and items here! Asking $750, or best offer.

Selling all items together as one big lot. WILL NOT SEPARATE ITEMS!

Everything is in excellent shape! I’ve always cleaned and sanitized all equipment before and after use. All items have been stored in a climate controlled basement, with the exception of the propane burner which has been garage kept.

Items included:

15 gallon stainless steel 1 weld brew pot with lid, brass ball valve assembly spigot, and 12” stainless steel mesh bazooka tube – only used once!

Brinkmann propane cooker fryer , model #815-4005-S, 100,000 BTU/HR

Winware 6 gallon stainless steel brew pot with lid – model # WDI-SST24

7.5 gallon aluminum stock pot with lid, perforated basket with handle, 12.5” thermometer with clip, drain clip, and marinade injector

Stainless steel wort chiller

Fastferment 7.9 gallon conical fermenter with ported lid, 2 yeast collection balls, thermometer, wall mounts and stand

5 gallon glass carboy

Better Bottle fermenter – 6 gallon with dual ported lid and stick on Fermometer

Big Mouth Bubbler – 5 gallon fermenter with ported lid and stick on Fermometer

Big Mouth Bubbler dual port lid – unopened

6.5 gallon Ale Pale bottling bucket with spigot, 3 tightening locks, 6 rubber gaskets, and stick on thermometer

6.5 gallon Ale Pale fermenting bucket with stick on thermometer

6.5 gallon Brewer’s Best fermenting bucket with stick on Fermometer, (no lid)

2 gallon bottling bucket, (lid is broken)

Mr. Beer Homebrew Kit with 2 gallon fermenter and 8 reusuable 1-liter plastic PET bottles with caps

5 glass 1 gallon jugs with unported lids

5 ported lids for 1 gallon jugs

LD Carlson 24” x 26” Brew in a Bag nylon grain straining bag

“How To Brew” book by John J. Palmer – like new condition!

“Home Beermaking: The Complete Beginner’s Guide” book by William Moore – like new condition!

“Brewing Classic Styles” book by Jamil Zainasheff and John J. Palmer – like new condition!

Brew Your Own Magazine – 33 issues (Mar/Apr 2010 – Jan/Feb 2015)

Zymurgy Magazine – 13 issues (Sep/Oct 2013 – Jul/Aug 2015)

Beer Advocate Magazine – 51 issues (Oct 2007 – Sep 2015)

Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine – 10 issues (Spring 2014 1st issue – Aug/Sep 2016)

Draft Magazine – 13 issues (May/Jun 2010 – May/Jun 2016)

All About Beer Magazine – 6 issues (Sep 2002 – Sep 2014)

Brewing Techniques Magazine – 2 issues (Jul/Aug 1996 and Sep/Oct 1998)

American Brewer Magazine – 1 issue (Apr/May 2002)

Michigan Brewers Guild Magazine 2015

Midwest Homebrewing Supplies – Beer and Winemaking DVD

22” stainless steel brew spoon with hook

24” plastic brew paddle

LD Carlson Aeration System

Portable dual scale refractometer, model #RSG-100ATCc

Fermtech 5/16” auto siphon with racking cane

Fermtech mini auto siphon

Auto siphon clamp, mini siphon clamp, and 1 additional clamp

Fermtech Thief

Hand Held Bottle Capper

15” bottling wand

13” bottling wand

The Brew Hauler carboy carrying harness

American Metalcraft stainless steel 4 quart mixing bowl

AWS Digital Pocket Gram Scale – model #AC-650

10” wide x 4” deep stainless steel strainer

6” wide x 2.5” deep stainless steel mini strainer

Stainless steel measuring cups (sizes: 1 cup, ½ cup, 1/3 cup, ¼ cup)

13” stainless steel colander with 2.5mm holes

11” triple scale glass hydrometer

Two 13” x 21” straining bags

7” x 15” straining bag

Four 11” x 5” muslin bags

3 different size plastic funnels with screen

Two 5/16” racking canes

26” curved carboy cleaning brush

16” mini keg brush

13” curved bottle brush

10” thermometer with clip

6 airlocks

4 Fermenthaus 6.5 drilled rubber stopper bungs

3 rubber 1” grommets

4 large and 3 small stainless steel mesh spice balls

LD Carlson Easy Clean No Rinse Cleanser – 8oz bottle

Star San cleaner – approx. 5oz

One Step cleaner – approx. 2oz

5 Star PBW cleaner – approx. ½ pound

LD Carlson gold and silver oxygen barrier crown bottle caps, (unknown amount, approx. 100)

LD Carlson Rice Syrup Solids – 1 lb bag, unopened

LD Carlson Yeast Energizer – approx. ½ oz.

LD Carlson Ascorbic Acid – approx. ½ oz.

LD Carlson Pectic Enzyme – approx. 1oz

LD Carlson Potassium Sorbate – approx. ¾ oz.

LD Carlson Irish Moss – approx. ½ oz.

LD Carlson Gypsum – approx. 1oz.

LD Carlson Campden Tablets – Two 2oz bags (one still sealed)

Vinyl tubing – various lengths and dimensions

1 case of 12oz bottles

12 bomber (22oz) bottles