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Jan 20, 2009
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Rapid City, South Dakota
It seems the thread this topic came from has been deleted. Long story short:

ElGuapo posted recently that he had aquired some custom beer coozies (or koozies) and had about 20 extra that he wanted to donate to HBT folks. I was reluctant, but I gave it a shot. Not even a week later, I got a strange padded envelope in the mail... anthrax? No, it's a free koozie!

Interesting side note, the beer in there was a sample of my oatmeal stout. First time brewing that recipe, and it was a bit early, but it happens to be my favorite brew to date. Oh, and it was kept nice and cold courtesy of the koozie.

You other 19 folks get yours yet? Lets see some pics already. :mug: