Electric Pressure Cooker for Yeast-Making?

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Sir Humpsalot

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Nov 26, 2006
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I'm tempted to pick up the Nesco PC6-25P pressure cooker off of Amazon for $70.

My apartment is small, but since I like rice and like slow cooking, this seems like it could be a pretty handy multi-tasker. Oh... and of course I'd use it for yeast propagation as well.


First off, yes, this Electric Pressure Cooker (EPC) does reach a full 15psi. That's the reason I'm considering it. Now my questions are:

Does anybody else use an EPC to sterilize lab equipment?

Would I be able to use this to can wort?

Any other cautions/tips/tricks/ideas would be welcome as well.

Also, would an electric one such as that be capable of distilling water? I mean, could you collect the output somehow?