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Pennsylvania Electric HERMS System for sale

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Mar 31, 2013
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Selling a single tier 3 vessel HERMS homebrew system. This system uses 1500w/120v elements. The mash tun has one element for use in heating the strike water. The HERMS tank has two elements and the boil kettle also has two elements. The mash tun and boil kettle are both 10 gallons and the HERMS tank is 7.5 gallons. The tanks are all megapots. The boil kettle includes a whirlpool port.

The electronics and pumps are contained in a repurposed tool box. There are two pumps. One is a March 809 and the other is a March AC-1A. The March AC-1A is used to recirculate the HERMS tank water. All of the hoses are connected to quick disconnects for easy switching. The stand is on wheels so it can be rolled around. One of the wheels is broken, so will just need to get a new wheel. Should only be a few dollars at Home Depot.

All of the pots are wrapped in insulation wrap to retain heat.

If you hook it up to timers, you can set the system up at night and have the water preheated for when you want to start your brew day in the morning. Also has an 11.5 inch false bottom for the mash tun, which will work, although I suggest purchasing a slightly larger one for better efficiency. You will need a high amp circuit or two separate circuits to effectively use the kit. I ran it off of a 20 amp circuit in conjunction with a 15 amp circuit no problem.

$400. Being sold as is. I have not brewed on it in a few years. I did do a test run not too long ago to make sure everything worked, which it did.

Located in Garnet Valley, Pennsylvania.


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