Washington Electric Controller Project

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Mar 31, 2013
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SOLD TO BenNorton

Here is what is included.
-12(Tall) x 10(Wide) x 8(Deep) box (all pretty much pre-cut, I drilled everything and it all looks good but a could of the 1/8" screw holes need to be enlarged for the screws going through them. Also the 2" hole drilled for the 240v 3 wire output is a bit small, it needs a bit of filing on it so it all fits correctly, and then (3) 1/8" screw holes will need to be drilled for this once you can drop it into place. A couple of the hole are a bit rough still and will need to be hit with a file to smooth them out and de-burr them.
-Can Gray Primer (This was used many 10% another project last week)
-Can Black Hammered Paint (New)
-(5) Panel Mount Fuse Holders
-1/8" Wire Braided Loom
-1/4" Wire Braided Loom
-(2) 240V Relays w/ 120v triggers
-(2) 6 terminal strips
-Auber PID controller
-Auber "Beer Timer"
-Auber Large Single SSR Headsink
-Auber 1/2" NPT temp probe w/ 6' wire
-XLR plug end for temp probe
-Stainless Steel Wire for strengthening temp probe wire
-22mm red buzzer
-22mm red rush button - timer reset
-22mm yellow LED push button - element control
-22mm green LED push button - pump control
-22mm keyed switch - main power
-22mm 3 position switch - control buzzer to pid or timer or off..
-panel mount XLR input
-Panel mount twist lock 120v output
-Panel mount twist lock 240v 3 wire output
-Panel Mount twist lock 240v 4 wire input
-Twist lock 120v end to add to pump
-SSR controller
-(4) 5" handles
-(2) 10" handles

That is everthing for just the control box then I have a couple other items to go with it:
-a bunch of 14g romex, i dont know how many feet but it will be more than enough to wire up the 14g wires in the box.
-2 gang box to mount to side of kettle, drilled with 2-1/4" hole
-(1) waterproof face plate
-(3) element size o-rings

Freebies to sweeten the deal, stuff to good to toss, but stuff i dont need.
-Refractometer - Brix only (to much hassle for me to use brix, only used 3 times.
-stainless 1/2" npt lock nut w/ o-ring groove.

I am thinking of starting with $300 shipped to anywhere in the lower 48.. If your local I would cut $50 off the price it we could meet in person.

Thanks for looking! If you have any questions fee free to ask!
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