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The fun doesn't stop here at HomeBrewTalk! As we finish up the biggest fermenter giveaway in HomeBrewTalk history, we now shift our focus to you electric guys and gals with a giveaway you're going to love.

Whether you're and electric brewing aficionado, or just looking at it as a new method of brewing, you can't do much better than the 30A BCS Control Panel from Electric Brewing Supply.
Save your time and energy, and let Electric Brewing Supply help you get a jump on your electric brewery with a turn key, ready to brew, 30 amp BCS controlled panel. Featuring web based user interface as well as manual controls, the 30 amp setup is ample for your home brewing needs. Enough power for 5500w elements, also to be included. With your choice of either tri-clamp element housing with straight element or weldless style element housing with ripple elements. Prize package includes the hardware you need to get going, simply provide the kettles and passion.

Complete with 2 burning elements, don't let this giveaway pass you by. Follow this link now for complete rules of entry and to get entered.
If you just can't wait follow this link now to purchase this system for yourself.
Thanks to Electric Brewing Supply for a fantastic giveaway, and from everyone at Electric Brewing Supply and HomeBrewTalk we wish you luck!

This would compliment my home nano-brew perfectly! Already have a 30 amp line installed, just need a 30 amp BCS controller to go with it :)