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Lost Brews

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Dec 13, 2006
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Grand Forks, ND
I am using a all grain system, with 2 5 gallon cooler. i have been mashing a 154 degrees for 1 hour drawing off 6.5 gallons and putting 5.5 into my carboy after boil. My efficiency is only about 60%. how do i improve my efficiency? Should I change to step mashing? Please help I would like to be about 75 to 80% efficiency.:drunk:
So are you sparging (maybe a dumb question, but I don't see anything about sparging mentioned in your post)? If not, a double batch sparge should give you a pretty good jump in efficiency.

I normally mash in with 1.25 qt. of water per pound of grain. Mash for 60 minutes, then batch sparge with .5-.75 qt/pound. For instance, I'll mash in with 3.3 gallons of water for my APA that uses 10.5 pounds of malt. I'll then sparge the grainbed with 2.75 gallons of 170F water, wait 10 minutes then drain that into the kettle. Then I'll sparge with another 2.75 gallons of 170F water, and collect until I have about 7 gallons to boil.
Lost Brews said:
I am fly sparging and my water measurement for mashing are very close to yours

Try batch sparging for the next brew and see if this get's your efficiency up. If yes, stick with it or fix the problems you have with fly sparging (mostly channeling or run-off to fast)

If it doesn't fix it your problems might be with the mash or the crush. Check the crush (look for this) and test for conversion with iodine.

Lost Brews said:
yes it is crushed with my HB shops mill.

That's one possible cause of your problems. Not THE cause, but possibly one. See if they'll crush it finer for you...