Edgestar BR7000SS External Tank DIY/Drill Location

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Dec 19, 2021
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Hello all. New to the forum. I see that this forum is more about brewing than keg advice, but I need to take a stab at getting some help. I've searched the internet to no avail as well as multiple forums. I am building a home bar and want to convert my Edgestar BR7000SS to a 3 tap through the bar top. More importantly, I want to run dual gas so I can keep my favorite stout at the ready. Obviously this requires two tanks/regulators. But I don't think there's enough room inside for 3 sixers and the tanks. So I'm trying to figure out how to run my gas hoses out to an external tank cabinet within the bar frame. The problem is I can't find any information on a safe location to drill through the kegerator wall and I'm a little nervous about disassembling as everything appears to be sealed. Is there anyone out there who has done something like this with this particular unit?

Thanks in advance,

Good suggestion, thank you. I hadn't thought of that honestly. My current plan and layout, however, is to raise the whole kegerator up so the top is flush with the bottom of the bar surface. That way I'm minimizing cooling issues with the tower. I was looking to use the tower in the link below, but I suppose I could try to find a U-shaped version and run the gas up through the second pipe.