eBIAB BruControl build planning (upgradable)

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Apr 12, 2021
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Hi All,

After taking a 7 year hiatus from homebrewing, I am working on upgrading my system to electric with some automation to (hopefully) make life easier in the long run. Due to current space and $$$ restrictions and just for general ease of clean up, I have decided to go with a recirculating eBIAB system heavily based on the brewhardware system. So, 20 gal kettle, 1x 5500 W heating element, one pump, one temp probe, and one volume sensor, no motorized valves (yet). After some serious lurking in these forums and chatting with @BrunDog (a million times thank you for your help!), I decided to go with BruControl software and building my own control panel (so much for making life easier) with the ESP32 UniShield as the brains. In addition to the hot side, the panel will control a simple fermentation setup (freezer, heating mat, and temp probes).

Please see below for the wiring schematic and a potential layout of the hardware. I have acquired most of the parts that I will need, but since this is my first control panel build, I undoubtedly have made some mistakes and would greatly appreciate feedback before I get too far into drilling and wiring. As some people can probably tell, for the schematic, I basically worked backwards from the BruControl Universal Dual Element 240VAC 30A Brewery schematic. One of the main things that I have tried to keep in mind while planning this build is that one day I might have the time, space, dollar bucks, and desire to expand the entire system.

I will hopefully keep this updated as I slowly go through the steps of building out the control panel and getting my first brew day in!

control_panel_schematic_ebiab_v1.png panel_layout_v1.png