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For Sale Ebiab and kegging setup cheap, Lakemoor IL SOLD

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Feb 16, 2014
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I have gotten out of the hobby and would like this out of my garage. This stuff has sat for the last couple years.
There is a 220V BrewBoss BIAB setup. The tablet boots, connects, and controls the pump. I have not checked the heater but it was fine the last time I used it. There are 2x corny kegs, 3x carboys, A pressure sprayed for cleaning kegerator lines, a water filter, hop spider, 2x co2 bottles, bottle capper, co2 manifold and 2x regulator, plate chiller, SS chugger pump (works fine), lines and cam locks, and misc chemicals such as Star San, and the rest of the misc brewing stuff in the pictures. It is on a heavy duty rolling cart. You are welcome to the cart if you want it, if not that's fine.

I will let this go as a lot for $150 SOLD picked up in Lakemoor Il. I am not interested in splitting the package, shipping, or delivering any of this. Contact via email is preferred.

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