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Aug 3, 2006
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Whitehouse Station, NJ
I just got two of my listing ended by Ebay stating anti-spam rules. Since when did they start cracking down on saying that you item is "like" something else.

I was selling some stainless tube fittings that are basically refered to as "swagelok" in the industry whether or not they are swagelok brand. It's like selling bandages and saying they're like "bandaids". Ok, so it's against policy but they won't reinstate my listings and have to forfeit my insertion fees.
ebay SUCKS!

Ask them why I get at least 4 "We are a technology company sell...." BS emails every time I try to sell anything computer related. Always from (0) feedback "members"

Then they crack down on an honest seller....
Bobby_M said:
stainless tube fittings that are basically refered to as "swagelok" in the industry whether or not they are swagelok brand.
As someone who works in industry, I have to tell you that if they don't say Swagelok, they aren't referred to as Swagelok. Parker and other compression fittings are junk. Sucks about the fee though.
Yeah, I gotta say that Parker-Hannifin fittings are note as good as SwageLok. I have a Parker regulator and it's pretty sweet, though.

I can only hope that Ebay improves their screening of everything that is potentially mislabeled. Try looking for turbochargers. Half of the crap on Ebay is counterfeit versus real Garrett turbos(which are much higher quality).
Considering all of the scams being run on eBay, I can't really blame them for trying to tighten up. Not that I buy or sell on eBay. As a seller, you are basically forced to allow PayPal, which is another big bite out of a small profit margin.
What I mean is, it's not like I was trying to sell counterfeit items. I wasn't claiming they were Swaglok brand. I really don't care though, I just added Swaglok to the description because I've seen the "spamming" so rampant, I didn't even think about it. Why couldn't they just suspend the listing, warn me about the policy, let me fix it, and get it back online? I have 160 100% positive feedback. You'd think they'd help a regular good user out.
Ebay has gone down the toilet recently, especially if you're a seller. Have you seen their new policies? Higher ending fees, can only leave positive feedback on buyers, and must take Paypal unless you meet arbitrary requirements (and they hold the payments for weeks as "buyer protection"... no wait, they own Paypal and are getting interest on your money during that time).
Soulive said:
I bet its totally automated, black and white. I doubt any thought goes into these actions...
They are definitely unwise on the customer relations. I've had it out with them a few times over different issues. It's just like talking to robots. There is no reasoning or common sense involved - as said above, it's automated crap. They just seem to keep doing things to alienate people. They piss me off anyway.

Oh well, back to eBay to buy stuff from Hong Kong.:drunk:
Saw the ad, didn't think anything of the mention of similarity to a brand name, as they were unbranded. I'm sure it was only to increase potential hits and not misrepresent, however. An edit to the ad was all that should have occurred, if Ebay had an issue with the wording.

One thing to consider, though not of relevance to their yanking the ad, is that most mfrs. compression fittings have only a single ferule, while Swaglok's method is two interacting ferules.

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