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Beer Dude in the Sunset
May 10, 2007
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I picked up a chest freezer yesterday that I scored on Ebay for $26.19. This thing is a beast. A 1960 Admiral chest freezer that weighs a bunch. I almost hurt myself unloading it off of my truck by myself. The main compartment looks like it could easily hold 6+ cornies and at 28" deep I am not sure if I will need to build a collar or not. I was looking at the four cornie keg complete setup on keg connection and I think I am just going to start with picnic taps. It has a thermostat built on the side, but I can't test the warm setting right now as it is 23 degrees in Georgia tonight.
I am in Lilburn, real near Stone Mountain. I use Home Brew Supply on Indian Trail Rd between I85 and Hsy 29.... wrong side of the world for you tho
I went to Home Brew Supply for the first time recently and it was ridiculously bad. Half the shelves were empty and there was a layer of dust on everything. The one thing I could see they had going for them is free pour extract. The Brew Depot in Alpharetta has a nice selection, as does Wine Craft in Sandy Springs. I prefer Brew Depot. There is also a store in Marietta that I havent been to. By the way, I live in Midtown Atlanta and if anyone knows of a 9 cu ft chest freezer or larger that needs a home, I am willing to take it in. Go People From Georgia!