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Bill Peters

Jun 28, 2018
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Greetings from Iowa,
Some of my hops are producing cones that are close to maturity and it is not yet July .
Our spring has been insanely hot and wet.
Fuggle is the early maturing variety. Others varieties are on a regular pace for Late August maturity

IS this typical??
Thanks for any help
Foggy Bottom Farms
Hey Bill, welcome to the forums!

May I ask what part of Iowa you're in? I have family in the Decorah area and I have reason to travel near north central Iowa several times per year.

We have a part of this forum dedicated to hobby hop growers here. I hope you find it helpful.
Good Morning Kent, our acreage in just south of Newton a few miles.( 30 miles east of DSM) We are pretty small at this point with only 50 plants.We are finding there are wide variances in plant types and production. This is our second year for 25 plants and they are looking much better

Foggy Bottom Farms

So you have Fuggles, and what else? Who are you selling to?
Good Morning, We have Centennial, Chinook, Cascade and Fuggles that are in the second year.
We started Comet and Kent Goldings this spring. We have yet to sell any as the first crop was pretty small .Hopefully this year will be much better and thus far it appears to be. We would be interested in selling them for sure. Just finished an all Chinook IPA that is fermenting.

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