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May 18, 2012
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I am trying to find a 9.5mm three way valve and am having trouble. Ideally I want to purge a keg through one line out and then pressure transfer in through the same line/fitting. I can do this with a three way connection and three separate valves but one three way valve would be better.
Not aware of any duotight 3 way valves.
Gas to gas line. With liquid to starsan capture bucket.
Then swap line in for liquid to liquid transfer.
Probably more sanitary.
Something like this


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That may work.
Thank You
Sounds like you'll be trying it out when you get the parts... Any chance you can come back with pics of your setup and detail your process? I'm disabled so I'm always on the lookout for elegant solutions that reduce/eliminate labour without compromising the finished beer, and I'm intrigued in trying to picture your setup.
Something like this
That looks like it's from an IV giving set, not sure it's pressure safe or durable.
Some plastics fail when exposed to starsan.
Lumen is small on those so you would have flow restrictions and cavitation issues.

The three way valve looks like it would work but I still wonder why you want this less sanitary solution than swapping some lines around?
The 3 way manifold is just an example of the function of the valve. It obviously wont work. A valve like that would allow purging a keg with fermentation CO2 and then pressure transferring without changing lines. It’s an effort to minimize O2 uptake with line changes.
I'm sorry I can't work out how this three way valve helps with the purging and transfer. Can you explain the plan please.
I understand how to do it with normal gas and beer lines and connections without contamination.
So connection to gas out, connection to beer out of fermenter and then three way to have one line going where?
I still can't see this in action apologies for my lack of comprehension.
This is what I ended up doing. So far there are no leaks. We’ll see what happens with a pressure (<5 PSI) transfer next week. There are a lot of connections to potentially fail and a 3-way would have eliminated most of them.


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