Dry Kveik yeast

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Dec 15, 2015
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Im originally from Barcelona and spent 20 years living in Scandinavia & Baltic states, brewing lots of farmhouse ales, some of them in open fermentation vessels, I moved to western Panama 3 years ago where I opened a craft brewery & distillery roncolibri.com, but the only yeasts I can get here are from Safale.
I was about to order from Omega, but as they only sell liquid yeast, the shipping from USA to here takes about a week, plus once inside Panama the risk of not keeping the package in the right temp would be very high and so the yeast will be affected. That’s why I decided to look for other brewers who could be so nice to send to my freight forward in Miami dry Kveik yeast (back in Europe I only tried types of Voss & Hornindal, I liked both).
Kindly, Ruben.
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