dry hopping with whole cascade hops

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Nov 27, 2011
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so im going to be doing my first dry hop with 2 oz (maybe 3oz) of whole leaf cascade hops and was wondering the best way to do it. my LHBS convinced me that dry hopping with whole hops is better then pellets??? even tho my all grain brews are made with pellets. I have a muslim bag i am going to put them in. Should i way them down to make sure they sink to the bottom? They also told to leave them in for 2 weeks. is this to long? I was thinking like 10 days......

btw, the brew im dry hopping is

Hoppy rye IPA

6 gallon batch

12# 2 row
3# rye
1# crystal 20
1# cara pils

WLP051 California Ale V (1000ml yeast started 32 hours b4)

1oz chinook 60 min 11.8%
.6oz magnum 54 min 11.6
1oz perle 40 min 7.1
1oz cascade 30 min 6.8
.8oz uk goldings 15 min 6.1
.7oz fuggle 15 min 5.3
1oz cascade 1 min 6.8

7 grams irish moss

OG = 1.062

Mash at 150 F
Sparge at 156 F (messed up on temp. wanted 160, but said @#$% it)

Ferment at 68 F


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May 31, 2011
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Stow, MA
I've always just dumped pellets into carboys, let 'em swim free for a week, then cold-crash them to the bottom. Unless you're using buckets, bagging whole hops seems like a pita at best, and even then it's hard to believe the utilization would be very good, as three ounces of whole hops in a bag would form a big ball that the beer is unlikely to pull all the hoppy goodness out of.

With the bag-less pellet technique I've never had an infection, and I dry hop everything other than my stouts and porters. If I was going to try using a bag, I'd sanitize it by dunking it in some Star San, let it hang for 30 seconds, then carefully fill it with the hops and get it in the vessel as quickly as possible...