Dry Hopping Timing

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Aug 29, 2012
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Hey peoples, question. I have never really dry hopped before, so I don't know how to gt the most out of this process. I've been told by many different people to; add them the day before, add them hours before, add them weeks before, etc. On a side note, I've also been told to put the hops in a muslin bag or hop sack with marbles in it. So people who have dry hopped before, what do you do to get good results and what have you heard about putting the hops in a bag with marbles? The batch I'm dry hopping isn't going to have a lot of hops either, about an ounce.

The only reason I'm dry hopping them is because I forgot to put them in a the boil, but figured I could still make them work for me if I dry hop them. It's going to be an orange chocolate type of beer using El Dorado hops and another one for fruity citrusy notes and I was supposed to use an ounce of Citra to top it off. Citra is now the hop that will be dry hopped. Thanks for your input.

Primary: Chocolate Orange (going secondary this weekend)
Primary: Chocolate Raspberry (possibly going secondary this weekend)
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Oct 20, 2015
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As for the timing I would check out this article http://brulosophy.com/2015/10/26/dry-hop-length-long-vs-short-exbeeriment-results/

That will give you some insight as to the effect of time on dry hopping. Brulosophy also has a few other articles on dry hopping that you should check out. The articles are great because its not just one side of the argument, but rather it shows you both sides of the variable being tested.