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Jul 2, 2007
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Highland, MI
My last lager required dry hopping in the secondary. I just dropped the hop pelletts into the carboy before racking my beer to secondary. I was careful when siphoning to my keg not to get to much sediment but some did get sucked through.

WHen I tapped the keg hops plugged the outlet tube at the post. After fixing that, I had a Super Bowl party. Beer was clear and delicious. A week after the party and the keg is 2/3 gone, I am now getting quite a bit of hop debris in each pour.

Any idea why the sediment would show up after drinking so much of it?

Is there a sock of some kind to dry hop with to avoid the sediment?

I make a ball out of cheese cloth and put my hop pellets in them and toss them in my carboy. They expand quite a bit, and they can be challenging to get it out when you are done, but is sure avoids the problem you described.

You can dry-hop with one of those hop socks you boil in. Weight it down with some marbles. If you are dry-hopping in a carboy, it might be advisable to tie some fishing line around the bag to help with removal. You could also just drop the pellets in, and then attach a paint strainer or mesh bag to your racking cane to filter when siphoning to the keg.

Another option for you might be just to do your secondary in the keg, dry hop with a bag and just pull it out when you are done.

Another option is to dry-hop with whole hops if available. I personally like this method better, because it avoids most of the small pieces.