dry hop, long primary, yeast washing - all possible?

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Jan 27, 2009
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Taichung, TW / Portland, OR
Hi there,

I have a batch of Yooper's DFA 60 min clone giong right now and I'm wondering how to proceed. My plan was to finish fermentation in primary, transfer to secondary for dry hopping and wash the pacman yeast from the primary for re-use. I liked the idea of keeping the hops out of the primary to simplify the washing process.

But complications...fermentation started off on the warmer side, at 75 degrees plus. After about 24 hours at that temp, I cooled it slowly down to 62-64 degrees after reading that's what Rogue does most of their beers at. Ferment has has been slow, at 12 days and it's only at 1.027 (OG 1.077). Samples taste good, but obviously too sweet and maybe a little banana flavor from the initial heat, so I want to leave it on the cake for a while.

Last night I roused the yeast and raised temp to 68, hoping to help the yeasty beasties finish up. But now I'm not sure where to go from here.

And also been reading that dry hopping should be done when fermentation is ~85-90% complete and I'm right about there, so should I just toss them in primary and wash the yeast as best I can after another week, or wait for ferment to finish out, then dry hop in secondary as planned?

Thanks for any help