Dry fired Brewmonk 30L

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May 21, 2022
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Hey, new to the forums wondering if someone could help. Any help massively appreciated.

I just finished my Brewday and accidentally dry fired the heating element on the BrewMonk 30L. Maybe fired for about 1min before I got some water in there.
Thought it was ok but when I touched the metal side I got a bit of an electrical shock, nothing tripped but when I went to carry on cleaning I again got a bit of a shock, this was enough to get me to turn it off!

I had a few questions:
1- I am assuming I've ruined some sort of insulated casing on the heating element, does this sound plausible and does it sound terminal for the element?
2 - Does anyone know where it is possible to get replacement heating elements in the UK and how easy/difficult are they to fit. Let's just say I am the sort of person who has no problem carrying out exact water calculations for my brews but requires a lot of effort for me to wire a plug correctly. Do I have any chance of replacing this?