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Sep 2, 2006
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Southern VT
Today I brewed a batch of a pale ale w/OG of 1044, which is what the recipe calls for (YES!) ..

I sampled the hydrometer (this was the first time I can recall doing this), and it was quite malty (more than I anticipated) ..

I am wondering if this maltiness will become less pronounced after the yeast have their feast, and the gravity gets down to abt 1010 or so.

Happy 2008!
I think it will be fine, the maltiness will become subdued especially if you added a bunch of hops (as is custom for pale ales). You could always dry hop to add some hop flavor and "counteract" the maltiness.
Oh, it will change (for the better) definitely! I always taste my beer at every step, and I'm getting good at judging the final product based on these tests- but the wort is still too sweet to really get a good idea of final taste. Picture that taste you took with about 3/4 less sweetness- that's an idea of the final taste you'll have. It really is just an idea of the bitterness and balance. It will definitely change and be much better than that.
I always taste the wort/beer every step of the way. I don't judge what the final beer will taste like but I like to know how it is progressing.
Your beer will taste totally different when it is finished.
Good news guys ! Thx for info. Glad to know it will be getting better ..

Trust the process - that is what I must never forget ... I will take another taste after fermentation, before racking .. more ways to understand every stage..