Dreggy Bottles carbonating quicker

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Aug 24, 2014
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Gidday guys,

I recently made a porter and last night I cracked the first bottle of it open and it was pretty good if I do say so myself, so naturally I tried a second bottle to confirm. Unfortunately this one had not carbonated anywhere near as well, and I'm hoping for some advice.

Before bottling I racked the beer into my bottling bucket and added my finnings (mangrove jacks gelatin) and let this settle out for 48 hours.

The first beer I tried was one from the dregs of the batch, so probably picked up some extra yeast from the trub, and the second bottle was also taken to the garage where the temperature is cooler (5-10C).

Both poured quite clear and the first bottle had a thinker sediment layer. They have also only been in the bottle for less than two weeks so im not overly worried yet as they should carbonate given time. However an ordinary bitter I bottled 5-6 weeks ago is also under-carbonated (after using similar methodology).

Looks like i have answered my own question, but what I'm wondering is;
a) What has the bigger effect, temp or yeast in the bottle?
b) Has anyone else who uses finnings had slow carbonation?
c) Are finnings even worth it? Is it worth pitching some extra yeast after finnings?
d) How is this porter so good? I's only my 5th beer?