Draft tower cooler box volume question

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May 4, 2012
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San Diego
I am putting together a draft tower cooling fan set up together at the moment and have a quick question regarding the size of the box needed to contain the fan. Rather than using a project box I am planning on using a plastic electrical junction box from home depot. I have purchased two, one is 4”x4”x4” cube as seen in the link http://www.kegerators.com/articles/computer-cooling-fan.phpthe other is 4x4x2. Is there any benefit to using the larger box rather than the smaller one? I will be installing a 80mm 12v fan and using 3/4” tubing to deliver the cold air to the tower. I would prefer to use 1” tubing but it is too large to fit through the top of my kegerator. Which box should I use? Thanks for the help.