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For Sale Downsized to new system - Electric 20 gallon HERMS systems available

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Jan 26, 2010
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We moved and downsized, so I no longer have a dedicated brewing room. While still brewing, went the route of a little more portable all-in-one system. Thus, the following system is for sale.

Electric HERMS system with 20 gallon Bru Gear pots with TC-clamps / connections and site guides on the boil and HL. The control panel is from The Electric Brewery and is the 30amp version. Includes the temperature probes for the Boil and inline temperature probes for the mash and HL tank.

Electric Brewery 30amp control panel.
HL: 20 gallons, herms coil, inline temp probe, Site gauge, 6 TC-clamp ports, heat element
Mash: 20 gallons, False bottom, inline temp probe, recirculation tube, 4 TC-clamp ports
Boil: 20 gallons, Site gauge, 6 TC-clamp ports, heat element
Two (2) March pumps with the stainless chugger pump housing
Heating elements for Boil / HL - ripple 5500 watt stainless
Counter flow chiller
Extension cords for plugging the pumps into the twist locks of the control panel.
Three (3) different color temperature probe cables.
Misc tubing with the camlock connections
Hoses for the counterflow - faucet connections, etc
Heavy Duty 6ft x 30inch deep stainless-steel table (table top and bottom will come apart for hauling).
Herms coil that is mounted in the HL tank at the cover.
Includes all hardware seen (valves, tri-clamps, tubes, false bottom, elements, etc)
The one picture shows how I previously had the control panel mounted. But I do not have the wood panels that I mounted the control panel on anymore.
Was looking to get $3200 or OBO.
Thanks (located in Wisconsin).


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Nov 18, 2021
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Hi gallons-walters,

That's a nice system! I'm located in Wisconsin and interested as well. My brother and I have been looking to get into electric. Thanks