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Apr 6, 2012
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Came across a good deal on a keggle and was thinking of picking it up for the occasional double batch since I have less time to brew these days. My main concern is chilling 11 gallons of beer. All I have now is a 25 or 50 foot immersion chiller and the posts wouldn't extend past the lip of the keggle. I'm sure I could hang the chiller on the lip of the keg and all or most of the coil would reach the wort. I'm just wondering if it would be feasible to chill that much wort in a reasonable amount of time. Right now, it takes me a good 15 minutes to chill to pitching temps. As long as I can get the wort below 90 degrees, I have no problem transferring to fermenters and waiting to pitch my yeast. Would this be a good move? I'm trying to avoid adding much time to my brew day. I figure it will take a little longer to heat my sparge water and bring the wort up to a boil, but it shouldn't add much time to my brew day. Thoughts?