Dopplebock using ale yeast?

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Nov 7, 2007
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San Diego
Ok, I want to make a dopplebock because I am really into malty brews lately, but I do not and will not have the capabilities of lagering for a real long time. That being said, I want to try using a dry ale yeast, such as Nottingham or S-05, and I was wondering what people thought? The recipe would be something like this:

OG: 1.080 for 5.5 gallons

45% 2-row (made up of a mixture of 2-row plus LME or DME)
45% Munich malt
5% Crystal 120L
5% Chocolate malt

30-40 IBUs using something like Tettnanger or Hallertau (or whatever I can actually find!)

My other question is I only have the capability of boiling around 7 gallons, but can mash enough grains because I have a 10 gallon Gott MLT. I can't seem to figure out what the maximum amount of grains I can mash while only collecting 7 gallons of wort. Could someone help me figure this out? I will supplement the rest with either LME or DME to reach my 1.080 goal.

An ale style that is also very malty is a Scotch Ale or Wee Heavy. It not a bock but the flavors are similar and you can brew it without lagering.
A bock using US-05 will be quite different from a traditional lagered bock. Probably still be a good beer but you won't get the same results.
That said, I like Bocks well enough to try to make an Ale Bock at some point. It is the only lager style I really have a taste for.