Does this recipe sound okay (Foreign Extra)

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Jul 21, 2006
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Central Florida
I threw this together to use up some stuffs that have been lingering in my freezer. I was thinking of just pitching it on a cake of WLP001.

6lbs Dark DME
.5lb Chocolate - steep
.5lb Crystal 20 - steep
.5lb Black Patent - steep
.5oz Warrior 16.4% @ 60

OG - 1.053
FG - 1.013
IBU - 38
SRM - 50
ABV - 5.2%

Suggestions for modifications? Substitute chocolate for roasted? Thanks much.
brewt00l said:
If you go by BJCP guidelines, you are hitting the low side of ABV and IBUs

Quite true. I ran the recipe through the calculator on tastybrew. It was within their guidelines however still on the low side. More hops and another pound of DME, light perhaps?

EDIT. The addition of 1lb LDME and .25oz Hallertau Tradition =

IBU - 42
5.9% abv
1.060 OG
1.014 FG

That's a bit closer. Hrmmm