Does this look like an appropriate nitrogen regulator?

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Mar 8, 2007
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Will be adding nitrogen to my keg setup eventually and came across what seems like a good deal on a regulator. Looks like the proper CGA 580 connector to me.


Look like the right kind of thing? I think it was bought to be used in some kind of car-nitro setup but it's new and unused. Doesn't seem to have a hose barb w/ shut-off valve tho, not sure how much those are. nitro is nitrous oxide, beer nitro is nitrogen. Not sure to answer your ? if this is a usable reg though.
It appears to be something you can use, as long as you can get a bottle with the same fitting. Many places just use a standard CO2 bottle for beer gas (75% nitrogen, 25% carbon dioxide). However, you can probably get them to fill a bottle with the appropriate fitting for your use.
Well I think I'll just buy a "made for beer" type nitrogen regulator because I got a better picture of that one and the PSI gauges are 0-400 on one and 0-4000 on the other so I think it's meant for other applications.