Do you keep the beer labels or bottle caps from the interesting brews you've tried?

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Feb 7, 2005
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Nashville, TN
Am I the only one? (probably the only obsessive compulsive here LOL) :eek:

These are the ones I have tried so far:

Amstel Light +
Bass & Co Pale Ale +
Belhaven Scottish Ale ++++
Black Sheep Brewery Riggwelter Yorkshire Ale ++++
Broughton Ales Limited Merlin's Ale +
Chimay Ale Peres Trappistes ++++
Coors Blue Moon +++
Dogwood Brewing Co. (Atlanta, GA) Pale Ale ++
Duvel Belgian Golden Ale +++
Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse ++
Guinness Draught ++
Guinness Stout +++
Harp Lager +
Hoegaarden ++++
Kulmbacher Brautradition EKU 28 +
New Belgium Brewing Sunshine Wheat Beer ++++
New Belgium Brewing Fat Tire ++++
New Belgium Brewing Blue Paddle Pilsener Lager ++
New Belgium Brewing Trippel Belgian Style Ale ++
New Belgium Brewing Abbey Belgian Style Ale ++++
New Belgium Brewing Biere de Mars Ale +++
Newcastle Brown Ale ++++
Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout -
Pilsner Urquell +++
Red Stripe Jamacian Lager ++++
Samuel Adams Cream Stout +++
Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat ++ (mucho flavor)
Samuel Adams Boston Ale ++
Samuel Smith Taddy porter - (sorry guys don't like porter, but at least i picked a good brand to try ;)
Samuel Smith Outmeal Stout ++++
Samuel Smith's Winter Welcome Ale ++
Stepan Razin Porter Dark Beer -
Tilburg's Dutch Brown Ale ++++
Widmer Brothers Hefeweizen ++
I used to keep the six pack cartons...started with bottles, but didn't get far. Now, I don't keep anything but the memory...sometimes not even that. Now, I'm afraid I can never speak to you again, because you don't like porter. :( Kidding...but that's a great porter, so if you don't like that one....
I'm on a porter kick right now...can't get enough.
no i don't keep any of that stuff, just the bottles to put more beer in now. ;)

my cousins used to stack up beer cans in huge pyramids and chew/dip cans too :)
I've saved caps for as long as I can remember. I probably have about 100 or so but no way am I going to rate each one like you did T1.... :p
I recently started saving labels now that I've been soaking so many bottles for this brewing habit I've started. ;)
Eventually when I get enough labels I'm going to put them all under plexiglass and make a pub table out of it......
You need to try La Fin Du Monde (End of the World) and Maudete (Damned One). They are high gravity Belgian type ales brewed in Quebec. I can't remember the brewer, but once you see the label and try them, you won't have a problem remembering them. :D
Give Anchor Porter, Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout, Mackeson's XXX Stout, and the almighty...... ARROGANT BASTARD ALE!

DeRoux's Broux
DeRoux's Broux said:
They are high gravity Belgian type ales brewed in Quebec. I can't remember the brewer,

Unibroue, and yes you will remember these!

I started keeping the labels, the bottle idea crossed my mind but sounded to alcy to me. At least now I am an anal alcy. I have a couple hundred labels, domestic and import sorted.

It is more about the memories of where I was at. It is fun to go back and remember where I was at when I drank that label. I should start keeping notes, sooner or later the beer will erase the specifics.
Yeah...keep notes, and one day you can write a book...seriously. I've wanted to start, but #1, I have to learn more and refine my tastes, and #2, I'm lazy.
Franiblector said:
Am I the only one? (probably the only obsessive compulsive here LOL) :eek:

Nope not at all. I keep all my recipes and info in a 3 ring binder that I "decorated" the binder with a few labels I had taken off bottles I wanted to use for bottling.
There is a "kit" that you can purchase that has a book that has slots for the labels and pages to take notes of the beers you try.

Some people only save labels of beers they've drunk themselves.

If you want to start saving labels I recommend you buy a roll of laminate from Walmart for a few bucks that will last you a long time. Just cut the laminate into label-size sheets, apply to the label and peel off slowly. Only the top layer of the paper will come off. You can trim the excess plastic off later. Suitable for framing. :D
I used to keep bottles, but they just took up way too much room - so now I have a bucket on top of the beer fridge that I toss a cap in. One day I might organize them according to color and make a mosaic mural with a beer-related image

(my Starr bottle opener puts only a small dimple in the middle of the cap, so I won't even have to straighten them out!)

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