Do I even need to dry hop this recipe?

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Apr 22, 2008
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I am not a good judge of dry hopping-or not. My last batch (pale ale) I dry hopped, and while it is still really tasty, I think I threw its balance off. I am thinking about dry hopping this IPA with 0.25 oz. each of centennial, columbus, amarillo and simcoe. Any input?

OG: 1072
IBU: 75ish
Volume: 5 Gallons

-12.5 lbs. of Marris Otter
-1 lb. of Vienna Malt
-12 oz. Carastan (30-37 L)
-6 oz. Carafoam
-4 oz. Special B

Hop Schedule:
60 Mins- 0.5 oz. Summit hop pellets (18.5%aa)
60 Mins- 0.5 oz. Columbus hop pellets (12.3%aa)
20 Mins- 1 oz. Centennial Hop Pellets (9.7%aa)
10 Mins- 0.5 oz. Amarillo hop pellets (8.2%aa)
10 mins- 0.5 oz. Simcoe Hop Pellets (11.9%aa)
KO- 0.5 Amarillo Pellets
KO- 0.5 Simcoe Pellets