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Aug 2, 2012
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Back this past summer I posted about getting a floating dip tube for a 15 gallon corny I had sitting around collecting dust. I thought about selling the keg a couple of times, but decided to see if I could make it as another double batch fermenter in case my Spike conical was in use. So after some advice from the floating dip tube thread thread I had, I bought the floating diptube and also added a 1.5" triclamp port on the lid for other accessories down the road like a hop dropper, etc. Here's some pics.

DIY Kegmenter 01.jpg

Older pic along with my first keezer. I've since sold the keezer and just have a simple Komos kegerator. Obviously, that keg is not fitting, so it's a dedicated fermenter now. I ordered the FLOTit 2.0 dip tube from eBay. The seller sold me one with 45" of tubing so I could trim to fit at no cost. Pretty awesome seller (his username is "trongo"). I like the double filter on the end of the dip tube. I didn't dry hop this last batch, so don't know how a IPA would go. I had no issues with the pale ale I did and the beer is pretty clear.
DIY Kegmenter 03.jpg

IIRC, I had to use the original gas dip tube as I couldn't keep the keg from leaking co2 with the supplied gas dip tube. I included the picture to show you how flush it was to the keg interior. Maybe your experience will be different if you go this route
DIY Kegmenter 04.jpg

I saw where, depending on the style of the keg and lid, someone added a 1.5" triclamp to their corny keg. Add A Triclamp Fitting To Your Keg I had the same style lid in the article and the way my kegs handles are oriented, I didn't have to worry about any clearance issues.

Taking the bail off and re arranging it, and bending it back was the biggest head ache. Drilling the hole was the most nerve racking as I felt I had little room for error, but I was successful.

DIY Kegmenter 05.jpg

DIY Kegmenter 06.jpg

DIY Kegmenter 07.jpg

I put everything back together and did a pressure test. No leaks for over a month, so I guess I was good to go. The pull to eject tag was just for fun, but I actually like it better than pulling the ring to depressurize. The Harbor Freight dolly is perfect for moving it around.
DIY Kegmenter 08.jpg

DIY Kegmenter 09.jpg

I look forward to putting the miles on this thing. Thanks to @szap for the FLOTit recommendation.


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Feb 26, 2013
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I have used the FLOTit 2.0 for dry hopped IPA's nd it worked great. Nice, clear beer from the start.

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