DIY Glycol System

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Jun 23, 2011
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I have a new 30 gal jacketed conical from Brewer's Hardware!:ban::mug::rockin:

I am making up my own Glycol Chiller but looking some advice on hoses, valves and pumps.

There are 2 zones on the Fermentor.

The connections are 1/4 FPT on the conical for the Glycol.

I am thinking 1/2" PEX as the hose. The run of the glycol supply should be about 12 feet from the pump to the conical (and the return the same).

While I plan to have this in one place and CIP it, I also plan to add QDs at the hoses so I can remove and move if needed.

The reason is for the 1/2 pex is that 3/8 barbs Female QDs are hard to find. Most of the SS are 1/2 inch barbs.

Hose size?
Hose material?
What mix of Propolyne Glycol is "best"?

Do I need 3 Pumps or just one with a valve manifold to:
1. Cool Zone 1
2. Cool Zone 2
3. Coll Zone 1 and 2 at same time
4. Recycle Glycol bath if no cooling?

What is a good CIP Pump?

I will be using 24 vdc valves.

Ball or Selenoid?

Stainless or Brass?

Any sources would also be helpful.
I will be controlling the Valves with a BCS 462.


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Jun 14, 2010
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Portland-ish, OR
If you're doing electric valves already then definitely one pump and a manifold.

Do your PEX runs and then just silicone tubing off of that to the fermenter when you need flexible. I'd go brass unless the price is negligible and you want bling.

Ratio depends on how low you plan to run your chiller. Here's a good chart on freezing points at different ratios:

Personally on mine I don't worry about recirculating the bath since my glycol ratio is enough I don't see freezing on the coils, but YMMV.

Your system is bigger than mine so I don't have any pump advice as mine will be too small for yours.