DIY 2 Gallon Glass Fermenter with Big mouth

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Mar 8, 2015
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So after my long search for a smaller fermenter I think I finally built it and found what I needed to make it.

What can I say Its made of glass, it has a big mouth so I can wash and scrub it out and it has a drain for easy transfer.

I started with a 270 ounce Nantucket drink dispenser at Hobby Lobby, a stainless steel faucet from Amazon, Silicon baking mat, a grommet from the local home-brew shop, and a set of masonry drill bits from harbor freight.
$ 24 + $ 13 + $ 6 + $ .50 + $ 5 = $ 48.50

I found the original faucet to be kind of a cheap plastic and I had a fear it would clog when It was in use. So I upgraded it to a good stainless steel one. It didn't need to be done right away but I thought it might be a good idea moving forward.

When I turned it over I noticed it had a slow leak of water from the top gasket. I had a silicone mat that I cut out 2 more seals for the top and when I stacked all 3 of them it would seal and now it was air tight with no water leak.

I used Masonry drill bits and I submerged the cover in water to drill a hole in the glass for the airlock. I saw a few a videos on YouTube that gave me this idea on drilling in glass and this would help in preventing the glass from breaking. I drilled a little went to a bigger bit, drilled a little more and and went to a bigger bit, then back to a smaller bit and started all over again. All I can suggest is please go slow I rushed and it blew out a chunk of glass right before I was done.

Once I installed the grommet it was time to brew. it does hold 8 quarts and 3 cups to just shy of the top.

I am in the process of completing the 2nd one for transfer to a secondary this weekend. I was originally debating using a glass bottle from Cost plus world market the Yorkshire with a metal lid, my big concern was it wouldn't seal all the way so I never could pull the trigger on it. Here is the link for there product.

I am also looking at making a second set of smaller ones from Cost plus world market, I plan to do the same thing but this will be a 1.7 litre set up

Here are the links for similar items and a few of the items from different vendors. I really hope this helps some of my small brewer friends. Sorry about the pictures being sideways I couldn't figure out how to rotate the view.






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