Dissecting small fridge for parts

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Jul 18, 2007
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Miami Beach, FL
I want to make a kegerator, but I also want to build it into a bookshelf. (Essentially, a cabinet below for the kegerator, and shelves above). Using the Sanyo 4912 would make it very deep for a bookshelf, so I wanted to make it thinner ... basically just deep enough to have 2 kegs and a CO2 tank side by side.

Is there any way to dissect a small 1.7 cubic foot refirgerator, and use those parts to create custom sized refrigerator using some insulation from Home Depot? Or am I getting in way over my head with this idea? Also, am I going to be able to get much thinner between the thickness of the kegs and all the insulation that I'll need?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.