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Feb 4, 2016
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Tailing off of @passedpawn's semi-zombie thread regarding grout cleaners, I thought I'd throw this one out there. No rules, can be any product you wish was still around. I'll start:

REAL Scotchgard. Read many years ago that the original formula, which was absolutely impermeable to dirt/grease/grime, was discontinued because it never breaks down; there are still original Scotchgard molecules in the atmosphere that will never go away. The stuff they have now works for a while but wears off.

Fun fact (taken from one of my Bathroom Readers): Scotchgard was discovered by a 3M employee who was working on something they were developing (can't remember exactly what it was) and spilled some on her white canvas sneakers; she only noticed it when that spot on her sneakers stayed pristinely white, while the rest got dirty.

And one more: REAL Dayquil, with the pseudoephedrine. I think you can still get it in Mexico, but not in the US or Canada because of meth. That heavenly elixir got me through many hangovers all-nighters colds back in the day.
iPod supported by Apple to go with my once fancy Denon internet radio with inbuilt iPod dock. Neither works properly anymore. Hacked the stereo with Spotify, though, in case your reading this, Apple and Denon 🖕
i think i have the names wrong...but for some reason that reminds me of the show growing pains....

Filled twizzlers still exist!


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My mother made that for a fancy dessert when we were kids; I thought it was magic, the way the layers settled out. I think I saw it in a liquidation/grocery outlet store a while back, so it might still be findable.
Oh my, I haven‘t seen it since the late 70s. (That doesn’t mean anything). My great grandmother used to add half and half to jello for a 1 and 2 effect.
Mr. Freeze pop tarts from when the Batman movie came out in the 90s. I’m sure they taste the same as regular ones but they were where it was at.
Green (lime) Starburst candy. Now I know you're thinking, "But 'Broo, there never WERE green Starburst."

Au contraire, mon Freire.

Originally there were 6 flavors: the current 4 (cherry, strawberry, orange, lemon), plus lime and grape. So what midnight thief pinched the missing flavors??!!??

I couldn't care less about the grape ones, but I WANT MY GREEN STARBURSTS BACK!!

I don't care that the only difference between Lime and Lemon Starburst was the artificial coloring. THEY 'TASTED' DIFFERENT." And I want the Green ones back!
Waxed paper bread wrappers.

When I was a kid, in the 50s, bread came in waxed paper instead of plastic bags. We’d save the wrappers, take them to the playground, and rub the slides down with them. Waxing the slide probably increased our speed by, maybe, a factor of .1 or so. But we thought we were really flying down the waxed slide. I’d like to share that with my 4 and 7 year old grandsons.
You’re an arithemtician? You tell me.

i just know things like that when i was a kid would cause chaffing....think i tried something similar.

and honestly, i've heard a disturbing rumor more important, that these have gone away?


now there's a feeling! spining one up as fast as a 6 year old can run and getting slung off like a sling shot!

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