Digital Thermometer Repair

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Apr 3, 2009
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I've got a Cole-Parmer digital thermometer that I stupidly managed to flame broil at the probe/cord junction. Now it's severed and I see that it has two very thin wires inside the cord that go into the SS probe. The wires severed right at the junction as I said so there's no way reconnect. This is the model:

Cole-Parmer Mini. Digital Thermometers With Remote Probe And Waterproof Remote Probe Thermometer - Cole-Parmer Catalog

At the severed end, if I touch the two wires together it reads the maximum high temp and when the wires are left apart it reads "-----C" (or maybe it was the other way around....I can't remember at the moment). If I pinch the wires between my fingers without them touching it acts like it's trying to get a reading at close to room temperature but it fluctuates wildly.

Now the question: does anyone know if this thing can be repaired/salvaged and if so how it might be done?