Different crowncaps for different bottles?

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Dec 4, 2016
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Hi. I ran out of crown caps and bought a new batch from a different supplier. Size felt different but tried bottling anyway. Using a counter pressure filler and a Grifo bottle capper, last batch gave me no trouble at all, being able to freely press down until the cap hit a natural stop. With this new batch of crown caps, if I press too much the bottle straight up breaks and bursts, so for now I had to excise extreme caution and now I'm not even sure if they end properly sealed as I've had flat bottles.
I measured them with a Vernier. Both caps have a 26 mm diameter but the previous one had a height of about 5,5 mm while the new one has a height of 6,5 mm.
Attached below is a photo of both caps withe the older one at the right.
Are they designed for different kinds of
bottles? I use the Euro amber bottle.