Did I mess up? Any chance to save?

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Feb 16, 2020
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Tallinn, EST
Since it has been getting cold here at the moment, I realized i have the perfect room in my house to brew my very first lager. I chose a dark lager recipe, and brewed it on eight of december, last year.
I let it sit in FV for 3 weeks, and after getting the same gravity reading between 48 hours of measuring, spot on. Then on 28th I bottled it.
I think somewhere down the line, it may have gotten contaminated, because yesterday when i opened my first, it smelled like rotten eggs, also the taste was noticable, not very strong though. any thoughts? I am pretty sure, that I was thorough in sanitizing, but you never know, before you know...
Before bottling i did not notice any sulphur smell, nor taste.
Sorry, if this has already been discussed in another topic, could not find one where the smell/taste changed after bottling
The yeast was Lallemand Diamond Lager dry yeast, pitched 2 11-gram packs, as the recipe asked.Do you think it's infected or can it be saved? I rather liked the taste

Thank you.
I don't have experience with lagers, but it is my understanding that hydrogen sulfide is a byproduct of some lager yeasts and will dissipate out of the beer during an extended time in the fermenter. So to answer your question, no, its probably not infected. Since you already bottled it, I would just give it a few more weeks before trying another one.
Have you opened anymore bottles? Usually the Sulphur smell is in the fv during fermentation. I would try one a week to see if it changes .
At the moment I have just opened only one bottle. I think I will wait a week, and then try another. Thank you so much.