Diacetyl rest questions

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Jul 1, 2021
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Brewed an American pale a week ago, pitched Verdant IPA and let it rip at 19c (66f). It reached terminal gravity on day 4. After that I dry-hopped using a bag and bumped the temp up to 22c (72f) to do a diacetyl rest.

Just did a forced diacetyl test and the heated sample smelled a bit like a Fullers ESB (bready caramel) with a slightly oily mouthfeel, while the control didn't. Still, I can't really detect any butter notes from the flavor - should I continue the diacetyl rest or can I cold crash?

Here's the grist if anyone's interested:

76% 2-row
15% Munich I
7% Dextrin (Carapils)
2% Caramel 30
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I'll be interested to hear others answers.
For me the ramping up to 70 at the end of fermentation with a full day of "rest" is all the resting I do and it seems to work.