Diacetyl/Acetaldehyde Clean Up

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Iowa Brewer

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Sep 14, 2018
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Hi all,

Having an Acetaldehyde issue. Had to dump one batch due to acetaldehyde that converted to diacetyl, and now have detected acetaldehyde in my bock (used WLP844 German Bock) after doing a diacetyl test (the one where you chill one sample and heat one so as to convert any acetaldehyde to diacetyl).

1. I've raised the temp... yeast must have been inactive, no help
2. Shook the bejeezus out of the carboy to mix up the yeat... no go
3. Now I'm going to put .5 of an envelope of cbc-1 in the carboy to eat up any acetaldehyde and diacetyl.

Anyone one else try this? Any advice as to how to best pitch the CBC-1 yeast?