Delta Brewing Systems 14 Gallon FermTank Giveaway!

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Recently Delta Brewing Systems reached out wanting to a holiday giveaway. Specifically they wanted to offer the The FermTank - 14 Gallon. So, with that we are launching the Delta Brewing Systems Ferm Tank 14 gallon giveaway!



From the Sponsor: The FermTank 14 Gallon is our largest fermenter yet. With a 14-gallon capacity, it is ideal 10 gallon batches. Made out of 304 stainless steel, this fermenter is sanitary, easy to maintain, and versatile.​

This FermTank has an all tri-clamp design. The lid features a 4" tri-clamp top port which can be used to dry hop, add a drop-in chilling coil, or use with other tri-clamp accessories. The lid also has a 1.5" tri-clamp port for a blow-off barb.

The body features three 1.5" tri-clamp ports, one for the thermowell, one for the racking arm and ball valve, and a 1.5" drain port for cleaning or harvesting yeast. The fermenter stands at 30.5" with the legs extended. If you remove the drain pipe and cap the port, the fermenter can be as short as 27".
  • 14 gallon capacity​
  • Includes thermowell and removable thermometer​
  • Pressurizable to 4 PSI for pressure transferring​
  • 1.5" Tri-Clamp Racking valve with rotatable racking arm​
  • 1.5" Tri-Clamp Thermowell​
  • 1.5" Tri-Clamp Butterfly Valve & Drain Pipe​
  • Lid with band clamp and (1) 4" Tri-Clamp port & (1) 1.5" Tri-Clamp port​
  • Welded handles​
  • Stamped volume markings starting at 8 gallons​
  • Height: 30.5" with legs extended, 27" with the legs down​
  • Diameter: 15.5"​


Rules and Entry for the HomeBrewTalk Giveaway
  • To enter, reply to this thread one time (No discussion in thread. Forum thread entry limited to Supporting Members).
On January 8, 2022 we will close this giveaway, and draw a winner. A winner will be announced on this thread. If winner does not claim prize through private message to me (or Angie) in 24 hours after the posted conclusion of the drawing a new winner will be redrawn the following business day, so forth until a winner claims.

Thanks again to Delta Brewing Systems for this excellent giveaway! This is a great prize for a great sponsor so make sure you let them know how much you've enjoyed this giveaway!

From everyone at Delta Brewing Systems and HomeBrewTalk we wish a safe and happy holidays!

Terms and Conditions
Please allow up to six weeks for shipping of your prize after the prize winners are announced. If at all possible, prizes will be sent out sooner than that. But in some cases there may be short term availability issues that take some time to work through. No purchase necessary. To enter by mail send full name, address, phone number to HBT PO Box 1103 Madison, AL 35758. Entries must be received by January 6th, 2022. Void where prohibited. International winners must pay for shipping, customs, taxes and all other fees involved in shipping International. Limit One (1) entry per household. HomeBrewTalk is not responsible for prizes. Void where prohibited. Must be legal age to enter.
DBS rocks! Count me in!
Wow. What a giveaway! Thanks to all of you who entered, and Delta Brewing Systems for providing an amazing prize. If you didn't win today please consider heading over to their site and showing them our support.

As per the rules, this thread has been closed, and one winner, selected by was drawn. Your post number is your entry number. The winner has 24 hours to contact GBA, or Myself via private message to claim. If the winner does not claim the drawing will be held every 24 hours until claimed.


460 - sea1961

If you are sea1961 you have 24 hours as of this post time to claim!

From everyone at Delta Brewing Systems, and HomeBrewTalk we thank you all for an amazing giveaway. Without our community, and great sponsors, things like this wouldn't happen. Lets show Delta Brewing Systems our support. Please follow this link now and find something you need to add to your brewery!
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Our last winner did not claim! Using the same process the next winner has been drawn!


Post 30: Ki-ri-n

If you are Ki-ri-n, you have 24 hours to claim your prize through private message to myself or GBA.

If the winner does not claim the process starts over in 24 hours.
Another day, another drawing! Using the next member was selected.


452 - Newsman

If you are Newsman you have 24 hours, as of the time of this post, to claim via private message.
Alright everyone. It's time for the redraw. As per our last posts, winners are selected using Your post number is your entry number.


366 - Mark3885

If you are Mark3885 you have 24 hours to claim your prize as per the time on this post.

We really appreciate everyone who has taken part in the giveaway. Lets get this claimed!
The winner has claimed!

What a great giveaway. Delta Brewing Solutions really went all out for the community. If you haven't already please head over to their website and show them our support! Sponsor giveaway are entirely voluntary and we very much appreciate Delta Brewing Solutions for reaching out to get this started.

If you have idea for future giveaway please reach out. Its a pleasure to be able to bring these to the community.

From everyone at Delta Brewing Solutions and HomeBrewTalk we thank you all for your participation, and look forward to doing more in the near future.
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