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Nov 22, 2008
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I have had a mead in the primary since December with a good handful of chopped pineapple, honey, water and some spices.

The mead was nice and cloudy for a good while and all of the fruit was floating. Finally, the fruit dropped and the mead cleared nicely. One day I walked in to find the fruit floating and I was told that this may be due to degassing.

The fruit dropped again and all appeared well so I thought nothing of it. Well, today, I went in to look at how nice and clear it was but the fruit was floating AGAIN and the mead is all cloudy again!

Im halfway inclined to believe I might have fubared this batch due to 'sampling' too many times. Is this unusual for a mead to go through 26 different seasons like this?


Dec 19, 2008
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I put raisins in my batch and have noticed that they continuously rise and fall. It looks to me like carbon dioxide from the fermentation collects in the crinkles of the raisins and causes them to rise to the surface. They float there for a while, and the carbon dioxide dissipates. Then they fall back to the bottom.

This is my appraisal of what is happening.

Maybe that's what is going on with your batch.