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Mar 17, 2007
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Sorry for all of the questions I have but without a Brew Store locally you guys are all I've got.

Anyays, I made a Honey Wheat for my First real brew ( Read not Mr Beer). I opened my first bottle last night (just for a taste test, and it has a very strong honey flavor. Almost as if I had just added a lot of honey. Is this a sign of a problem with my process? I though when added to the wort in the beginning, you didn't get much honey flavor?

I am doing the all Extract route right now. My recipe was as follows

3.3 lb can of Cooper's Wheat
1 lb. light DME Lightly hopped
1 lb. corn sugar
16 fluid oz. honey
1 package of Munton's Ale yeast

I pitched this and it fermented very strongly for about 3 days then fermentation subsided. and I let it sit for a total of 18 days in the primary. I then bottled with 5 oz. corn sugar as primer. At this point in time I didn't have a hydrometer ( I do now).

Any ideas? Is there something wrong? The honey is definitely overpowering. It's only been bottled 6 days.
Tag said:
It's only been bottled 6 days.

That's the problem.... 6 days is Way TOO Young to be drinking it and judging...

It's usually 3 weeks minimum for bottle conditioning....and that's just a "rule of thumb" before it's passibly drinkable....It really depends on the style. (I usually use the lengths of time listed in the Northern Brewer Print Catalog as a "rough" guide.)

A honey wheat, if you follow the 1-2-3 rule is about 6 weeks....which means 3 in the bottle.

Right now the beer is "green," it needs to mellow and age...and it will take care of itself and be fine after awhile.

I sometimes only chill about a six pack on the 3rd week of a beer...ANd still try to have patience and hold off for a couple more meeks...I know patience is a pain...but it pays off in the longrun in providing you some tasty beer....
With only 15% of your fermentables "lightly hopped" and less than 1/3 barley malt overall, there are few flavors other than honey. It will blend in over time, but I expect honey to stay the top flavor.
Thanks for the replies.

I just opened the one as a taste test.

I thought that the Cooper's Wheat kit was already hopped? Or am I wrong again? LOL

Should I be adding some hops to all of these kits when I make them?

Thanks again
Should say on the Cooper's container as to whether or not it contains hops already. Though I am pretty positive that the hops have already been added to the kit.

However, it is up to you as to whether you want to add more hops for a fresher taste, perhaps flavor or aroma hops. All up to what you like.